2nd Year Biology Chapter Wise MCQs With Answers Download

2nd Year Biology Chapter Wise MCQs With Answers PDF Download. MCQs of Biology class 12 chapter-wise. F.sc Biology part 2 all chapters important multiple-choice questions from past papers with answer keys. Fsc Biology part 2 full book MCQs with answer keys. All chapters important short questions and long questions notes 2nd-year Biology.

2nd Year Biology Chapter Wise MCQs

12th class Biology most important MCQs from previous papers of Punjab Boards. Here are some example MCQs from 2nd-year Biology chapter-wise MCQs.

  1. Which of the following represent osmoregulatory steps taken by hydrophytes
    a. Increases transpiration by increasing the surface area of the leave
    b. Small and thick leaves to decrease the surface area proportional to the volume of the leave
    c. Stomata closing insufficient supply, and opening in the restricted supply of water
    d. None
    2.Which excretory product in produced in plants during autotrophic mode of life?
    a. CO2
    b. H2O
    c. O2¬
    d. both an and b
    3.Which of the following statement about conifers in correct
    a. Stored excretory products in vacuoles, at a concentration that leads to crystal formation
    b. Accumulate waste in leaves, which fall in autumn
    c. Production of black wood in the center.
    d. Excrete some of the waste materials directly into soil, occasionally using them as a
    chemical weapon against other competing plants.
    4.Purine and pyrimidine catabolism catabolism results in production of
    a. Creatinine
    b. Pyramidine
    c. Xanthine
    d. None
    5.Amount of water required to excrete 1g of Urea is
    a. 1 ml
    b. 50 ml
    c. 100 ml
    d. 150 ml
    6.Which of the following is not include n Feed back mechanism
    a. Deception
    b. Transmission
    c. Reception
    d. None
    7.The mesophyte plant is
    a. Cactus
    b. Hydrilla
    c. Rose
    d. Acacia
    8.The animal which does not adjust their internal salt concentration according to external environment
    a. Osmoregulator
    b. Thermoregulator
    c. Osmoconformor
    d. None
    9.Trimethylawine oxide is produced in
    a. Hag fish
    b. Bony fish
    c. Marine fish
    d. Cartilaginous fish
    10.The nitrogenous excretory compound present in small quantity is
    a. Ammonia
    b. Creatine
    c. Urea
    d. Uric acid

12th Class Biology Solved MCQs:

Unit-wise MCQs with answer keys from Fsc Biology Intermediate part 2. These objective questions are from the full syllabus. As you know in 2023 annual examination will be from the whole syllabus. Download all chapters fully solved multiple choice questions of 2nd-year Biology in pdf from the below-given button.

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