Anees Hussain Mcat Book Biology Part 1 Pdf Free Download

anees hussain mcat

Anees Hussain Mcat Book Biology Part 1. Biology chapter wise fully solved multiple choice questions. For the preparation of MCAT entry test.

Anees Hussain MCAT Book Biology

Download mcat Biology book fsc part 1 by Anees Hussain. Some sample multiple choice questions from this book are given below.

They are the remains or impressions of living organisms preserved in rocks:
Man now can be saved from fatal diseases by using:
a. Vaccine
b. Bacteria
c. Antibiotics
d. Plasmodium
Malaria has been derived from the combination of two words which are:
a. Latin
b. Italian
c. Greek
d. Arabic
Which one of the (lowing best describes the scientific method?
a. Doing experiments in laboratories
b. Collecting all known facts on a subject
c. Developing and testing hypothesis
d. Using sensitive electronic measuring instruments
The reasoning from a specific set of observations to reach general conclusion is called
a. Inductive reasoning
b. Deductive reasoning
c. Both A and B
d. None of the above
The branch of biology that deal with the function of nucleic acids and proteins, and especially their role in cell replication and the transmission of genetic information is
a. Micro-Biology
b. Environmental Biology
c. Molecular Biology
d. Parasitology

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