Fsc 2nd Year Chemistry Book Kips Entrance Test

Fsc 2nd year chemistry book by kips for entry test preparation. Download kips chemistry fsc part 2 book in pdf with solutions.

Fsc 2nd Year Chemistry Kips Features

  • Key points
  • Assessments
  • Multiple choice questions(MCQs)
  • Excercises
  • Mdcat Model Papers
  • Solutions

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Sample MCQs

Which one of the following alkali metals forms normal oxide when we reacted with O2? · ·
a. Lithium
b. Sodium
c. Potassium
d. Rubidium
First ionization potential of alkaline earth metal is greater than alkalic metals because of
a. They are more reactive
b. They have greater atomic radii
c.They have smaller atomic sizes
d. All
Which one of the following pairs shows the diagonal relationship in the. periodic table?
a. Sodium and Lithium
b. Lithium and magnesium
c. Lithium and beryllium
d. Sodium and potassium ‘
Na-OH is named as caustic soda because
a. It corrodes the organic tissues
b. It is used in soda water
c. It reacts with chlorine gas
d. It reacts with fats to form soap
The oxides of beryllium nae
a. acidic,
b. basic

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