Fsc Biology Part 1 Unit 11 MCQs, Short and Long Notes

Fsc Biology part 1 unit 11 important MCQs, short and long questions. 1st-year Biology chapter 11 notes. 11th class Biology important short question. 1st-year Biology important long questions from past papers.

Fsc Biology Part 1 Unit 11 MCQs Bioenergetics

Fsc Biology part 1 unit 11 MCQs, Short, and Long Question note collected from past papers of fsc.

1. Each chemical reaction in a cellular respiration requires
a. Specific enzymes
b. ATP
2. The most abundant protein in chroroplast is
a. Hemoglobin
b. Rubisco
c. Ribulose
d. Starch
3. The net product of non cyclic election flow in photosynthesis is
a. ATP
b. O2
d. All
4. When deprived of oxygen yeast cell obtain energy by fermentation producing CO2, ATP and
a. Acetyl C0 A
b. Ethyl alcohol
c. Lactic acid
d. Pyruvate
5. Wavelength which are least absorbed by chlorophyll are
a. Green
b. Yellow
c. Indigo
d. All
6. Photosynthetic prokaryotes lack
a. Chloroplast
b. Cell membrane
c. Cell wall
d. All
7. Absorption of different wavelength by pigments is measured by
a. Photometer
b. Potometer
c. Spectrophotometer
d. All
8. Which of these is obtained in C3 pathway?
a. Hexose
b. Tetrose
c. Pentose
d. Triose
9. Synthesis of ATP in photosynthesis is called
a. Oxidative phosphorylation
b. Photophosphorylation
c. Both
d. None
10. The number of electrons to reduce NADP+ to NADPH is
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
11. ATP and NADPH where are consumed to synthesis sugar in the chloroplast?
a. Thylakoid
b. Stroma
c. Grana
d. Intergrana
12. How many molecules of ATP are consumed during kreb cycle?
a. 0
b. 2
c. 6
d. 12
13. A pigment related to vitamin A that appears red, orange or yellow to human eye is called
a. Carotenoids
b. Phycobilin
c. Fucoxanthin
d. Chlorophyll
14. ATP synthetase binds with
a. ADP
b. Phosphate
c. Both of them
d. None
15. The light dependent reaction produces
a. H2O
b. CO2
c. O2
d. None

Fsc Biology Part 1 Unit 11 Short Questions Bioenergetics

Fsc Biology part 1 unit 11 Bioenergetics notes of MCQs, Short and Long questions. Biology Part 1 Unit 11 online test preparation for fsc students of pre-medical.

  1. What is the role of accessory pigments in photosynthesis?
  2. T.W. Engelman and Melvin Calvin famous for what?
  3. Define glycolysis. What is the net production of ATP during this process?
  4. How many moles of ATP are produced by the complete oxidation of each molecule of NADPH2 and FADH2?
  5. Write summorised equation for the calvin cycle
  6. Write down molecular formula for chlorophyll “a” and chlorophyll “b”

Fsc Biology Part 1 Long Questions Bioenergetics

Biology Part 1 Unit 11 notes important long questions for pre-medical students.

  1. Discuss the role of CO2 in photosynthesis
  2. Write down the structure of chlorophyll

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