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MCAT Notes Physics Hand Written Download Pdf. These notes are written by Aiza Majid. All chapter-wise key points of MCAT physics.

MCAT Notes Physics:

Here are some sample key points and multiple-choice questions of MCAT Physics written by Aiza Majeed.

1)If lope of velocity time graph is increasing then its acceleration
(c)remains constant

2)If “Average acceleration = instantaneous acceleration” then body has
(a)maximum velocity
(b)minimum velocity
(c)uniform acceleration
(d)non uniform acceleration

3)S I unit of momentum is
(a)Kg m

4)A typical rocket consumer the fuel at
(c)10000 KgS-1
(d)4000 KgS-1

5)Thee vertical component of velocity if projectile
(b)varies under gravity

6)If m/t = 3KgS-1 and V = 5ms-1 then force is equal to

7)The area under force and displacement curve is equal to

8)The dot product of force and velocity is called

9)The potential energy stored in a spring is called
(b)elastic P.E
(d)heat energy

10)The intensity of solar constant reaching the earth surface is

11)Solar cells are made from
(d)all of these

12)Angular displacement is measured in
(d)all of these

13)Centripetal force and acceleration is always directed
(a)away from centre
(b)towards the centre
(c)along the tangent
(d)away from tangent

14)Moment of inertia is analogues to

15)If r ⃗ and p ⃗ are parallel and r = 10m, p = 4Ns , then angular momentum is

16)The magnitude of critical velocity is about
(b)79 Kms-1
(c)8.9 Kms-1
(d)7.9 Kms-1

17)Artificial gravity is produced to overcome the problem of

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