MCAT Physics Online MCQs With Keys Fsc Part 1 Unit 5

MCAT Physics online MCQs from the past paper of MDCAT entry test with a solution. Online MCAT preparation of Physics unit wise and topic wise solve Multiple choice questions.

If you are preparing for MCAT exam, then you must have to prepare physics on your own otherwise the test will be trickier than it should be. To help you out with this purpose, I am sharing all the MCQs of physics unit 5 only.

This article will demonstrate different MCQs with keys, to help you understand and remember these concepts better while studying for your MCAT Physics exam.

MCAT Physics Solved MCQs

MCAT Physics online practice MCQs| MCAT Physics Practice MCQs with keys| MDCAT Physics MCQs chapter wise with answer keys chapter No.5

1. What is the length of simple pendulum whose time period is Is?
(A) 25 cm
(B)O.25 cm
(C) 250 cm
(D) 2.5 cm
2. What is the frequency of simple pendulum having time period 0.5s?
(A) 2 Hz
(B) 4fk
(C) 1 Hz
(D) 3 Hz
3. The length of second pendulum is
(A) 100 Cm
(B) 98 cm
(C) 1000 cm
(D) 95 cm
4. The time period of second pendulum is
(A) Is
(B) 2S
(C) 0.5s
(D) 4s
5. The frequency of second pendulum is
(A) 1 Hz ,
(B) 2Hz
(C) 0.5 Hz
(D) 0.25 Hz

Example MCQs of MCAT:

6. The time period of simple pendulum with height from earth
(A) Decrease
(B) Increase
(C) remains constant
(D) None
7. If length become four times, the time period of simple pendulum will become
(A) 4 times
(B) 2 Times
(C) ^2 times
(D) 1.4 times

8. Which of the following is an example of SHM
(A) Motion of simple pendulum
(B) Motion of horizontal spring man system
(C) Motion of violin string
(D) All of time
9. Acceleration of body executing SHM is always directed towards
(A) Extreme position
(B) Mean position
(C) Along the direction of motion
(D) None of these
10. Vibratory motion always under
(A) Applied Force
(B) Restoring force
(C) Periodic force
(D) Gravitational force
11. In vibratory motion (SHM)
(A) P E remains conserved
(B) K.E remain constant
(C) Neither P.E nor K.E remains constant
(D) Total energy remains constant
12. The Acceleration of body executing SHM is directly proportional to
(A) Applied force
(B) Amplitude
(C) Displacement
Frictional force
13. The waveform of SHM is
(A) Pulsed wave
(B) Square wave
(C) Triangular waved
(D) Sine wave


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