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Mdcat chemistry worksheets PDF notes. Step mcat chemistry worksheets pdf book. PGC step chemistry worksheets with solutions.

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  • Chemistry Key Points
  • Chemistry part 1 worksheets
  • Chemistry part 2 worksheets
  • MCQs
  • Solutions
  • Subjective concepts
  • Objective Hints
  • Definitions
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  • Past papers with answer keys.

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  1. (B) The critical temperature and the critical
    pressure of the substances are very important for the workers dealing with the gases. These properties provide us the information about the condition under which gases liquefy. For example, 02 has a critical temperature 154.4K (-118.75°C).
  2. The equation which is applicable to an ideal gas equation is P = dRT/M.
  3. Gases deviate from ideal behavior at high pressure because at high-pressure inter molecular action becomes significant.
  4. (A) I Nm”2 is equal to one pascal.
  5. (B) The volume of gas will be maximum at high temperature and low pressure that’s why the molar volume of CCh is maximum at 127°C and latm.
  6. (C’)When the temperature is reduced to one-half and pressure increases three times the volume of gas becomes double. So the volume of Helium is 44.8 dm3 at 546k and 0.5atm.
  7. (B) Dalton’s law of partial pressure is applicable to non-reacting gases while NH3 and HCl is a mixture of reacting gases.

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