MDCAT Physics Book Kips and Dogar Unique 2021 edition. PMC MDCAT 2021 Dogar Unique updated book 2021 according to PMC syllabus and policy. More than 500 solved Multiple choice questions from past papers of MDCAT.

Quick Review of the Syllabus Highlighted Points
Mind Map for Every Chapter
Hundreds of Practice Questions
Diagnostic Test
Sample Paper for Entry Test
Chapter-Wise Exercises with Answer Keys

Fully solved unit-wise solved exercises with the explanation.


Here you can download the MDCAT Physics book by Dogar Unique publishers 2021.


Sample MCQs From This Book

If the radius of the earth decreases by 1% with the density remaining $am« the g on the
(a) decreases by 1%
(b) increases by 1%
(c) decreases by 2%
(d)increases by 1.5%
An electron is injected into a uniform magnetic field with components of velocity
parallel to and normal to the field direction. The path of the electron is
(a) helix
(b) circle
(c) parabola
(d) straight line
The dimensions of which of the following are the same as that or impulse
(a) momentum
(b) velocity
(c) home/time
(d) none
The distances traveled by body falling from lest in the I”, 2″‘ & 3″ seconds arc in
the ratio
(a) 1:2:3
lb) 1:3:5
(C) 1:2:9
(d) nope

MDCAT Physics Example MCQs By PMC 2021:

A ball covers a distance of 5m when projected with a speed of lOrds. What are the
two possible angles of projection (g = lOm/s2)
(a) 45″, 45″
(b) 30′. 60′
(c) IS”, 75°
(d) LO’, 3
Two bodies having KE in ratio 4:1 and masses in ratio 1:4 have linear momentum
in ratio
(a) 1:1
(b) 2:1
(c) 1:2
(d) 1,:4
How much the momentum of a Two satellites are moving is
(a) 50%
(b) 100°/,
(c) 75%
(d) 15O’/o
Hardy would increase by increasing the K.E by 300% the same circular. orbit around the earth. They must
have the same
(a) mass
(b) angular momentum
(C) K.E
(d) speed
If the following properties d a wave the one that is independent of others is
(a) amplitude
(b) velocity
(c) frequency
(d) wavelength

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