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NUMS Solved Past Papers for the MDCAT from 2012-2022. You can easily download the past papers of the PMC MDCAT National university of Medical sciences. Past papers are available in both versions in pdf as well as online reading.

NUMS Past Solved Entrance Test 2012-2022:

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NUMS Past Papers

NUMS past solved entrance test 2011| NUMS past solved entrance test with new syllabus topics of 2020| NUMS past solved entrance test mcqs|
1 Bacterial death rate is equal to ‘the birth rate; in
A) Lag phase

B) Log phase

C) Death phase
D) Stationary phase
2 Trypanosoma is a human parasite causing
A) African sleeping sickness

B) European sleeping sickness
C) Indonesian sleeping sickness
D) American sleeping sickness
3 The feeding stage of slime mold is a
A) Gastrozoid
B) Sporozoite

C) Plasmodium
D) Merozoite
4 Drugs obtained from fungus used for lowing blood cholesterol is
A) Lovastatin
B) Cyclosporin
C) Ergotin
D) Griseofulvin
5 Fuogi storess surplus food in the form of
A) Cellulose
B) Glycogen

NUMS Past Solved Entrance Test:

C) Starch
D) Both B and C
6 The ecological role of fungi as de-composers is paralleled only by
A) Prions

B) Algae
C) Bacteria
D) Viruses
7 “Vascular System absent; gametophyte dominant, sporophyte attached to gametophyte; homopterous” are distinguishing characteristics of
A) Psiolpsida
B) Pteropsida

C) Angiosperms
D) Bryophyta
8 Which of the following features differentiate angiosperms from gymnosperms?
A) Pollens disperse by air

B) Haploid micro-spores
C) Ovaries
D) Pollen tubes
9 In Pakistan, the furniture wood is mainly obtained from the members of the family’
A) Rosaceae
B) Solanaceae

C) Mimosaceae
D) Fabaceae
10 Which of the following is the exclusive character of mammals?
A) Homeotherinic
B) Hair

C) poikliothermic cart
D) Four chambered heart

11 When chromosomes uncoil, the nucleoli are reformed and two nuclei are the two
poles of the cell; the stage is known as
A) Prophase
B) Metaphase
C) Telophase
D) Anaphase
12 Mental retardation, short stature, broad face, and squinted eyes are the symptoms
A) Down’s syndrome
B) Klinefelter’s syndrome
C) Turner’s syndrome
D) XYZ syndrome
13 Chiasmata formation takes place during the process which is known as
A) Crossing Over
B) Attachment
C) Pairing
D) Leptotene
14 Which one of the following is the main cause of cancer?
A) Mutation
B) Controlled Cell Division The covalent bond formed
C) Regulated Mitosis
D) Haploid Division

Past Papers NUMS With Answer Keys:

15 Fasciola is endoparasite of .
A) Colon
B) Liver
C) Small Intestine
D) Bile Duct
16 The nervous system develops from which of the following layer during embryonic
development of animals
A) Mesoderm
B) Ectoderm
C) Endoderm
D) Mesoderm and Endoderm
17 Endosperm is formed as a result of
A) Pollination
B) Self-Pollination
C) Double Fertilization
D) Cross-Pollination
18 Which of the following enzyme is released in an inactive form
A) Amylase
B) Lipase
C) Enterokinase
D) Pepsin
19 Which of the following hormones stimulate the secretion of pancreatic juice from
pancreas in the liver?
A) Secretin
B) Pepsinogen
C) Gastrin
D) Both Gastrin and Secretin
20 In the large intestine, vitamin k is formed by the activity of
A) Symbiotic Bacteria
B) Obligate Bacteria
C) Parasitic Bacteria
D) Facultative Bacteria
21 During swallowing of food which structures close the nasal opening?
A) Hard Palate
B) Soft Palate
C) Epiglottis
D) Larynx
22 The largest lymph duct called the thoracic lymph duct drains into
A) Subclavian Vein
B) Renal Vein
C) Pulmonary Vein
D) Hepatic Portal Vein
23 Which protein plays a major role in maintaining osmotic balance?
A) Albumin
B) Globulin
C) Fibrinogen
D) Prothrombin
The type of agranulocytes which stays in the blood for a few hours and then enters
tissues and become macrophages are
A) Lymphocytes
C) Eosinophils

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