Principles of Economics MCQs with Answer|I.COM Part 1

Principles of economics MCQs with answer keys. Download chapter-wise solved MCQs of economics part 1 in Urdu and English. I.COM part 1 economics important short questions unit-wise. List of all chapters with solved MCQs and important short questions.

  • Definition of Economics
  • Consumer’s Behavior
  • Demand and Supply
  • Factors of Production
  • Laws of Return
  • Firm’s Cost of Production & Revenue
  • Determination of Price & Output
  • Determination of Rewards of
  • Production of Factors
  • National Income

Principles of Economics Short Questions:

Here are some sample important short questions from a chapter.

  • what is meant by international trade?
  • what is home trade?
  • State the difference between home and foreign trade?
  • Write two disadvantages of foreign trade.
  • Define balance of trade.
  • What is meant by balance of payment?
  • What is the difference between balance of payment
  • and balance of trade?
  • What are visible items?
  • What are invisible items?
  • Define exchange rate.
  • State the purpose of establishing international
  • monetary fund.
  • What is meant by protection policy?

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