School-Based Assessment 2023 Tests Grade 8 All Subjects

School-based assessment tests with item bank by PEC of class 8th including all subjects. All subjects of school-based assessment download in pdf. These papers are pre-built with a PEC auto paper generator. School-based assessment 2023 8th class English, Computer, Urdu, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Islamiat, Ethics, and Arabic papers in pdf.

All subject’s papers are with answer keys. The papers are in both versions English medium & Urdu medium. SBA tests Islamiat 2023, General Science, English, Urdu, Mathematics, Computer, and History/ Geography. All subject school-based assessment pdf 2023 of grade 8 pre-made pdf papers are available to download.

Grade 8 School-Based Assessment Islamiat:

Here are some examples of Multiple choice questions from 8th class School-Based Assessment tests Islamiat subject.

  1. The feeling of one’s being accountable on the
    day of judgment keeps one away from:
    (A) trial
    (B) evil
    (C) illness
    (D) unemployment
  2. The venue where Hajj pilgrims put on Ihram
    (Hajj dress), is called:
    (A) Muzdalifah
    (B) Arafaat
    (C) Meqat
    (D) Mina
Paper APaper BKeys
Islamiat Pec paper 2023

Grade 8 School-Based Assessment 2023 General Science:

  1. Identify the part of the cell which controls all the functions
    of a cell.
    (A) Nucleus
    (B) Chromosome
    (C) Centrioles
    (D) Cell membrane
  2. Which vitamin is produced by genetically modified
    (A) Vitamin A
    (B) Vitamin B
    (C) Vitamin B12
    (D) Vitamin C
  3. Genes control our body functions by producing:
    (A) sugars
    (B) proteins
    (C) lipids
    (D) nucleic acid
  4. The source of CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) are:
    (A) factories
    (B) hospitals
    (C) car exhaust
    (D) aerosol sprays
Science Paper APaper BKeys
SCIENCE Pec Paper 2023 Grade 8 SBA

Mathematics SBA Test Grade 8:

Download SBA 2023 Grade 8 Mathematics item bank paper in pdf. The paper is in both versions English medium and Urdu medium. While the answer keys are also available to download.

  1. A subset of {1,7,8 } is:
    (A) {∅}
    (B) {0}
    (C) {6}
    (D) {7}
  2. Power set of { 20 } is:
    (A) {{∅}, { 20 }}
    (B) {{ }, { 20 }}
    (C) {{ }, 20}
    (D) {{0},{20}}
Objective Paper ASubjective BKeys
Grade 8 Math Paper 2023

SBA 2023 English Grade 8:

Download School-Based-Assessment 2023 pdf Grade 8 English paper. Grade 8 English item bank by PEC with answer keys in pdf.

  1. “Your teacher has helped you with your
    problems”. Identify the expression of gratitude.
    (a) You have done a great job.
    (b) I am grateful for this favor.
    (c) You met a wonderful person.
    (d) I was not expecting this from you.
  2. Identify the pair of nouns which has the same
    singular and plural forms.
    (a) Deer, Sheep
    (b) Lion, Women
    (c) Men, Teeth
    (d) School, College
  3. How many syllables does the word “Helicopter” have?
    (a) Two
    (b) Three
    (c) Four
    (d) Five
  4. How many syllables the word “Silver” has?
    (a) Three
    (b) Four
    (c) Two
    (d) Five
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English SBA 2023

Download SBA Tests of grade 8th Punjab school education department all subjects. The link is given below. More study notes and Books from grade 9 to class 12th can be downloaded from the Home page of this blog. You can also download all subject’s papers’ answer keys. Click here to download the answer keys.

Grade 8 All Subjects SBA 2023 Papers Version B:

Download all subjects’ SBA 2023 papers of Version 2 in pdf with answer keys from the below table.

English v2 AB v2 PaperKeys
Urdu v2 AB v2 PaperKeys
Science v2 AB v2 PaperKeys
Mathematics v2 AB v2 PaperKeys
Computer v2 AB v2 PaperKeys
Islamiat v2 AB v2 PaperKeys
Social Studies v2 AB v2 PaperKeys
Grade 8 SBA Papers with Version B

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