Step NMDCAT Test 1 Entrance Test 2022 Download in PDF

Step nmdcat test 1 entrance test 2022 with answer keys. Step by PGC self-assessment tests 2022 with the solution. Download in pdf.

Step NMDCAT Test 2 MCQs:

Here are some sample MCQs from step entry test self assessment 2022.

All the useful constituents of the glomerular filtrate are returned to the blood by a process
A) Active transport
C) Secretion
B Reabsorption
D) Filtration

Normally, glomerular filterate does not carry:
A) Urea
C) Salts
B) Globulins
D) Uric acid

The nephrons associated with conservation of water are
A) Cortical
B) Proximal
C) Juxtamedullary
D) Distal

Tubular part of justamedullary nephrons, loops deep into:
A) Outer cortex
B inner medulla
C) Inner cortex
D) Outer medulla

All the useful constituents of glomerular filtrate are normally reabsorbed in:
A) Glomerulus
B) Bowman’s capsule
C) Proximal tubule
D) Distal tubule

The processes mainly involved in maintaining the pll of glomerular filtrate is called:
A) Pressure filtration
B) Tubular secretion
C) Reabsorption
D) Concentration of urine

The collecting tubules open into:
A) Renal hilus
B) Renal medulla
C) Reoal pelvis
D) Renal cortex

outflow of water is not allowed from:
A) Ascending limb of loop of Henle
B) Proximal convoluted tubule
C) Descending limb of loop of Henle
D) Collecting tubule

Conservation of sodium is promoted by:
A) Oxytocin
B) Insulin
D) Aldosterone

ADH is associated with:
A) Conservation of water
B) Lysis of water
C) Production of water
D) Removal of water

Urea leaves the human blood in the form of:
A) Urine
B) Filtrate
C) Tubular secretion
D) Sweat

STEP Self Assessment Test 2022:

Similarly additional MCQs from the test step by PGC. while the full test in pdf is given at the end of this post.

The production of concentrated urine indicates the
A) Deficiency of water
B) Inactivity of body
C) Availability of water
D) Inactivity of sweat glands

Stability in maternal environment of organisms is attained through:
A) Excretion
B) Thermoregulation
C) Osmoregulation
D) Homeostasis

while some other multiple choice questions.

The stimulus for the seeretion of ADH is:
A) Hypertonic condition in the body
B) Isotonic condition in the body
C) Hypotonic condition in the body

Hypo osmotic condition in the body circulate the blood through Bowman’s capsule:
A) Peritubular capillaries
B) Glomeruli
C) Afferent arterioles
D) Efferent arterioles

Reabsorption of glomerular filtrate starts from:
A) Loop of Henle
B proximal convoluted tubule
C) Distal convoluted tubule
D) Urine collecting duct

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Step nmdcat entrance test of repeaters session with answer keys. All subjects Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English. Download in pdf.

Step NMDCAT Repeaters Test Biology 2022:

Look at some sample MCQs Biology nmdcat 2021 repeaters session.


0.1 Which one of the following is a leafy liver Hort?
A) Marchantia
B) Riccia
C) Perella
D) Polytrichum

Q3 In bryophytes the last stage of sporophytic generation is represented by:
A) Spores
B) Sporocytes
C) Gametes
D) Gametocytes

Q.4 The megaspore is permanently retained within the megasporangium in:
A) Tracheophytes
B) Aspermatophytes
C) Ptcridophytes
D) Spermatophytes

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