Using The Scientific Method MCQs Fsc English Part 2

Using The Scientific Method MCQs from Past Papers Fsc English Part 2. All MCQs are given with answer keys. These MCQs are from past papers of all Punjab Boards.

Using The Scientific Method MCQs:

1. We are more critical than our ancestors: (1jir. Gil. 2014) (min. Gl, 2016)(dgk.gj, ajk

(A) clever

(B) ignorant   

(C) conscious       

(D) kind

2. Today we are more critical than our forefathers:  (sgt). gil 2017)(5wl Gl. 2018)

(A) brothers   

(B) teachers   

(C) rulers        

(D) ancestors

3. In the past city streets were full of garbage:          (min. Gl, 2014)

(A) animals    

(B) birds         

(C) rubbish           

(D) parties

4. Today we are better able to explain happenings that used to be considered strange and mysterious:     (MLN. GIL 2015)

(A) splendid   

(B) great         

(C) inexpensive

(D) understanding

5. There is a little likelihood of their getting disease (fbd. GIL 2017)

(A) liking       

(B) effort        

(C) ray

(D) probability

6. Science has improved the way we spend our leisure time.        (swl. Gil, 2017)

(A) common  

(B) important 

(C) spare   

(D) busy

7. Thrifty housewives preserved their house-grown vegetables and fruits by canning, pickling, or drying. (LHR Gil, 2016)

(A) frugal 

(B ) fragile      

(C) remote     

(D) old

8. We have the power to abolish war if we have the will.     (rwp. Gl, 2017)

(A) end 

(B) splash       

(C) fresh         

(D) start

9. In the past only a fraction of the babies born grew up.      (grw. Gil. 2015)

(A) limb         

(B) tiny amount

(C) skeleton   

(D) huge

10. Water was used sparingly for bathing and cleaning purposes. (SGD. Gl. 2016) (ajk. gil 2018)

(A) larishing  

(B) carelessly 

(C) usually     

(D) frugally

11. Superstitious people believe in signs of good or bad luck            (SWl.. gi. 2016)

(A) logical     

(B) free          

(C) ugly          

(D) irrational

12. Sewage from all sections is carried through sealed pipes to disposal plants.

(A) water supply

(B) used water

(C) fresh water           

(D) rain water

13. We can explain every happening.

(A) society     

(B) community          

(C) event  

(D) story

14. Astrology and fortune-telling are still practiced. (DGK. Gil, 2016)

(A) Biology    

(B) Knowledge of heavenly bodies

(C) maths

(D) puzzle

15. Scientific method has helped us in the maintenance of health.

(A) upholding

(B) spoiling    

(C) distorting 

(D) destroying

16. Thrifty house wives preserved food in the past.  (GRW. GIL 2018)

(A) careless    

(B) caring       

(C) frugal 

(D) poor

17. Dehydration proved a Practical method of Preservation. (MLN. Gl, 2018)

(A) Adding water       

(B) Removal of water

(C) Medication

(D) Drying food

18. How we spend our leisure time.  

(A) Real

(B) Rest

(C) Busy

(D) Working

19. All of us have benefitted greatly from the use of Scientific method.            (bwp. Gl, 2Ol8)(SGD. Gil, 2018)

(A) Lost          

(B) Profited          

(C) Suffered   

(D) Worried

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